Tanda Tula is Greening up its Infrastructure


One of the challenges of operating a safari camp in the remote wilderness of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is to ensure that the environmental footprint that we occupy is kept as low as possible.

When camps were originally established within the Greater Kruger National Park, the awareness of their environmental impact was not what it is today. The technology with which we build infrastructure today allows us to minimise our environmental impact through material choice, as well as through our building techniques.

When Tanda Tula Safari Camp moved to its current location in the early 1990’s, the visionary decision was made in those days to build a tented camp, thus already minimising the environmental impact at the time. Of course, due to limitations of the technology, the decks for the tents were constructed from wood, as this was the most environmentally friendly material to use in those days.

Today however, we have more modern materials which are made from recycled wood, thus reducing the demand on our forests for further wood. In addition, the materials are fully recyclable, and all recovered material from previous projects can be re-used to produce new materials again.

One of our new Eva-tech decks

Tanda Tula Safari Camp has selected the locally manufactured Eva-tech decking material supplied by Eva-Last as its replacement material for all wooden decks in our safari camp. Some of our reasons for choosing this material are as follows:

1. Manufactured locally, Eva-Last eliminates at least 40,000 metric tons of plastic and wood scrap out of local landfills every year.
2. No trees are cut down for the purpose of making Eva-tech products.
3. Eva-Last uses reclaimed wood fibres. This means that the fibres used to manufacture Eva-tech decking comes from the sawdust Eva-Last recycles directly from South African sawmills and lumber yards.
4. Eva-Last uses recycled high-density polyethylene plastic, meaning that they use recycled plastic soda and cool drink bottles in their manufacturing process, all sourced from within South Africa.

We are very excited to have implemented the first deck replacement projects, covering our pool deck area (an installation that has been in place as a test platform for the last year), and now, most recently, three of our tent deck structures.

Not only does this new decking material look fantastic, it is also completely resistant to termites and has extremely high resistance to weathering by the sun and water. This in turn means a lower replacement cycle, and an energy saving due to a reduced reliance on the waste / recycling chain.

Tanda Tula Safari Camp will continue with a process of replacing our wooden decks with the more eco-friendly Eva-tech product over the next year, and we will keep you all informed on progress. Read more about Eva-Last and their range of products and services by clicking on the logo below.

We are committed to operating a sustainable camp, ensuring as little impact as possible on the environment. We firmly believe in responsible tourism and currently have numerous initiatives and partnerships in place to ensure as little impact as possible.


Eva-tech WPC is the eco-friendly and low maintenance alternative to timber for all your decking and outdoor needs. The Eva-tech range gives you choice of colour, size and finishes to suit your unique style. Eva-tech is highly weather resistant, and requires only an occasional sweeping to maintain its look and durability. A ten-year warranty ensures Eva-tech against warping, rotting, splintering or cracking, to give you peace of mind and your home an additional touch of class.

Text by Don Scott