Sunsets in the Timbavati


As with many other parts of the world, in South Africa we have a lovely tradition to mark the end of each day – Sundowners.  When possible, we will all lift a glass and enjoy those few precious moments when day melts into evening.

Here in the Timbavati, the transition is spectacular. The sun begins to dip, streaking the sky with a variety of rich colours. These are often vibrant reds and oranges, but we also often see hues of pink, blue and grey, all melting together to make the landscape look like a giant watercolour painting. The sun itself may appear as a golden ball surrounded by an orange halo or as a ruby red grapefruit suspended in the sky.

Whether you observe the occasion in an intimate romantic moment on your private deck, in the company of friends in the river bed, or if you are enjoying the camaraderie of your safari companions in the bush, sundowners at Tanda Tula are always magical and memorable.

Here are a few pictures showing how we have enjoyed this time recently:

Words and photos by Jacquie Gauthier