Summer Time is Braai Time!


Summer is finally here at Tanda Tula and it is the perfect time to do what we do best –  Braai!

This outdoor method of cooking meat over simmering coals made with logs from the bush, dates back to the time when the Dutch settlers (Afrikaans speaking people) had to move inland from the cape, shooting and cooking wild antelope on their way up.  As they were traveling in wagons pulled by oxen, they had to do all their cooking over open fires as they had no stoves with them in those days.

This passion for braaing has stayed with us since those early days and even today there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than sitting around the braai, talking about rugby (or sport in general) with a beer in one hand and a set of braai tongs in the other.

My tip for a perfect braai is to not make it complicated.

  • Light your fire at least an hour before cooking.  This will allow all the flames to die down and coals to emerge.  Having a fire also makes for a far more sociable occasion.
  • Just have a few good quality cuts of meat (beef rump, lamb loin chops, pork ribs etc).
  • Keep your marinades simple.  When I marinate my braai meat all I use is salt, paprika, garlic, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. With this I make a paste that I rub over my meat about half an hour before cooking.
  • Add a couple of simple salads (potato, carrot, cabbage, Waldorf etc) and some nice fresh bread.
  • When cooking meat over the coals, never allow the fire to flame up.  Let your fire burn until all the flames have died down and there are only glowing coals left.  When you can hold your hand close above the coals for about 5 seconds, the coals are ready.

Cook your meat slowly (about 5-8 minutes either side), depending on the thickness of your meat.  Remember that you want the smokiness from the coals to infuse into your meat to give it a better flavour.

If you would like more ideas for what to put on the braai, give me a shout! Feel free to email me at

View a few braaing pictures below.

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