Sleeping Giraffe


A favourite animal on almost any safari has to be the giraffe. These magnificent animals always create a stir on game drive, with guests being captivated by the way in which they gracefully meander through the bush while they browse on the tastiest tree’s.

Giraffe Resting Up

A commonly asked question amongst our guests is, “Do giraffe lie down?”. The answer is yes they do. Giraffe will rest up during the heat of the day, and for a couple of hours at night.

They tuck their legs in below their body and place their neck and head resting along their body, towards their rump. The more commonly practised position is to keep their head and neck straight up.

They only sleep for a few minutes at a time as they are fairly vulnerable in this position. It only takes a couple of seconds to get up, but enough for an opportunistic lion to take advantage and pounce.

Giraffe often rest like this

Over the last few weeks we have seen large numbers of giraffe as they tend to walk along the road and avoid the softer soils further off the beaten track. A few days ago we had one large bull who completely refused to get off the road. We had to follow him for just over a kilometre before he gave us a gap to sneak past!

Words by Dale Jackson