Romantic Interlude: Lions Seen Mating


On a recent game drive, not far from our safari camp, we found a mating pair of lions on our southern traversing area.

The happy couple, who were found in the late afternoon, really played it up for the cameras. Spending almost an hour with them, we were completely captivated and spoilt by the interaction.

Mating Lions

The lioness is part of the Mayunbula pride and is in the prime of her life. The male, one of the Timbavati boys, looked incredibly regal and kept a close eye on his lioness not allow her to wander off too far.

Lion mating behaviour is legendary and they can mate up to forty times a day over several days. We managed see the couple mate three times while we sat with them. The gestation period is fairly short and will vary between a 100-110 days, where they will have between 1 and 6 cubs.

One of the Timbavati Boys

This pride already has a few young cubs and the new additions will be welcomed. The male will have very little to do with his offspring other than securing a safe environment for the lionesses to raise the little ones.

We left the pair to themselves and were later serenaded by them happily roaring away!

Text and images by Dale Jackson