Conservation & Research

Tanda Tula believes that responsible tourism should be the foundation upon which any such business is built. Conservation and research are key focus areas for us and we assist with various research projects in the Timbavati and the Greater Kruger National Park.

Field Guides

The Wildlife Protection Programme’s anti-rhino poaching initiative is focused on effectively detecting and deterring incursions. Only the strongest, best trained and dedicated men spend their lives patrolling and protecting this endangered species. These men are equipped with state of the art equipment and have been very successful in their fight against rhino poachers in the Timbavati. This programme relies on donations for field ranger equipment and training. Tanda Tula currently sponsors one field guide for a three year period. Watch the video below for inspiration:

Vulture Research

The vulture nest monitoring project is done in collaboration with the Endangered Wildlife Trust of South Africa. The Timbavati has the largest vulture nesting colony in the entire Greater Kruger National Park. Vulture chicks are marked and visitors, guides and staff are requested to record their location in order to assist with data gathering.

Leopard Research

The Timbavati has partnered with Panthera, the only organisation in the world devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems. We have two camera traps on Tanda Tula which help to establish and estimate the leopard population and established territories within the area.

Ground Hornbill Research Project

As a long-term support initiative of the Ground Hornbill Research Project that is ongoing in the Timbavati and surrounding reserves, Tanda Tula provides a monthly fuel donation for the field vehicle of the Ground Hornbill Project.

In addition, Tanda Tula’s rangers provide feedback of all Ground Hornbill sightings to the researchers, and record these sightings on the Cybertracker system employed at Tanda Tula.

Tanda Tula has also provided regular assistance to the project by making personnel available to assist with nest inspections and other field work together with the Ground Hornbill research staff.

Conservation and Research - Tanda Tula, Timbavati, South Africa
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