Conservation & Research

Tanda Tula believes that responsible tourism should be the foundation upon which any such businesses is built. Based in the Africa wilderness, conservation and research is a key focus for the entire Tanda Tula team. Tanda Tula assists with various research project, including the Ground Hornbill Research Project.

Ground Hornbill Research Project

As a long-term support initiative of the Ground Hornbill Research Project that is ongoing in the Timbavati and surrounding reserves, Tanda Tula provides a monthly fuel donation for the field vehicle of the Ground Hornbill Project.

In addition, Tanda Tula’s rangers provide feedback of all Ground Hornbill sightings to the researchers, and record these sightings on the Cybertracker system employed at Tanda Tula.

Tanda Tula has also provided regular assistance to the project by making personnel available to assist with nest inspections and other field work together with the Ground Hornbill research staff.

Conservation and Research - Tanda Tula, Timbavati, South Africa
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