Community & Education

Since its inception in 1976, Tanda Tula has been committed to strengthening local communities and empowering the individuals within them. Its community development programmes are largely associated with education but also provide support for small business development, establishment of NGO's and encouraging environmental awareness.

Skills Development & Education

One of our main areas of focus in skills development and education is with our staff. We believe that on-going training in all sectors of the business not only improves skills, but also empowers people.

African Safari Lodge Foundation and Southern African Wildlife College

Tanda Tula has partnered with the African Safari Lodge Foundation (ASLF) and the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) and is participating in the pilot programme of “Best Practice Training” for Field

Guides who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and specifically from the local communities surrounding the Greater Kruger National Park. The program involves sending one of our own staff on a 3 month training program followed by a 9 month in house training program where Tanda Tula hosts a community member in practical training.

Tanda Tula Adult Literacy program

There is a huge need for adult literacy across South Africa and the same applies to our staff at Tanda Tula. We believe in investing in people and helping our staff so that they can help themselves. Weekly classes are run by a qualified teacher who focuses on basic literacy through to assisting staff to achieve their higher learning and tertiary education goals.

Community and Education - Tanda Tula
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