Reptiles on Game Drive

One of the most frequently asked questions during our game drives is, will we see any snakes? Now, all our guides answer this question with a fair amount of trepidation as the response from guests can vary from excitement to a look of shear horror!

The answer is yes you have every chance of seeing a snake, but these wonderful reptiles tend to keep to themselves and shy away from humans. There are some other fascinating reptiles that don’t freak people out, such as chameleons. We managed to pick up on a Flap-necked Chameleon on this morning’s game drive as it was hunting in a small acacia tree.

A tasty snack

I was busy explaining to my guests how chameleons mimic the erratic movement of leaves and branches when the chameleon’s long sticky tongue shot out and latched onto a unsuspecting grasshopper. In a flash it had the little insect halfway down its throat before I could take a couple of shots. We sat and watched as it struggled with the hardy legs of the grasshopper.

You can actually see the chameleons tongue pushing the little insect back into its throat. We stood absolutely transfixed for twenty minutes watching this little reptile. What a fascinating little creature.

Words and photo by Dale Jackson