Recent Game Viewing


We recently purchased a small camera for the rangers to take on drive with them, and over the last week Forman has managed to get some fantastic shots of a variety of animals.

Elephant have been very prevalent throughout the area, being seen on virtually every drive, and the old buffalo bulls photographed below are well into their teens (which in buffalo terms is getting on a bit). You can clearly see their horns are balding and the hair in and around their faces is going grey.

The Rockfig female leopard and cub have often been seen not far from camp, quenching their thirst in a small rock pool along the Ntharalumi River. Harry the hippo, who frequents our camp dam often, chose to also use this pool for the day and our guests were fortunate enough to see him crossing the riverbed towards the rock pool.

The lions photographed are the two nomadic males who have been mating with a lioness from the west. These two huge males are trying hard to stamp their authority on the area, and can often be heard roaring their dominance for all to hear.

We hope to bring you more photos soon. Enjoy!