Rain glorious rain!

Umfaana Male

We ushered in the weekend at Tanda Tula Safari Camp with wonderful thundershowers on Friday morning, followed by further downpours on Saturday.

The surrounding bush has responded incredible quickly, as a carpet of green grass can now be seen across the Timbavati reserve. We have also been treated to some great game sightings in between the showers.


We managed to see the young “Umfaana” male leopard successfully hunt down and kill a tree squirrel. This young male is still honing his hunting technique and these small kills are essential to his survival. In our most recent newsletter there is a photo of him trying to dig up a mongoose from a termite mound.

Leopards are incredibly resourceful which makes them one of the most successful of our cat family. In the first photo you can see him busy licking his chops and in the second quietly relaxing in a tree looking very happy with himself!

We also managed to see a Coqui Francolin. This beautiful ground dwelling bird is always a good find and many a keen bird enthusiast hopes to see them on safari.

I succeeded in calling the little male closer to the vehicle using my pocket PC by playing the Coqui’s very distinctive call.

The Coqui Francolin

The male rushed in to see who had invaded his space and to defend his little female’s honour. He came within five meters of the vehicle and I managed to get a couple quick shots of this wonderful little male.

All in all a great weekend with rain to boot. What a bonus!

Text and photos by Dale Jackson