Plenty of Wild Dogs, Leopards, Lions and Elephants


The game viewing this week has been phenomenal. We are still very privileged to have the wild dogs around our safari camp.

The young impalas are here!

One of the very exciting times of the year is when we start to see the young Impala lambs. Rangers and guests alike get quite excited when the first lamb is spotted each year, and we have already seen a few. The unfortunate thing is that they do fall prey to many predators such as the wild dogs, and this could be the reason why the dogs are so active in the area. Martial eagles and even baboons will take the lambs if they are lacking protein in their diet.

One of the favorites this week has to be the sighting of the Machaton pride which was forced to spilt when the two nomadic males moved into their territory some time ago. We are glad to see the one cub has joined up with the other cubs and the female. They seem to be doing well despite all the recent events.

One of the nomadic male lions

The two nomadic males have been seen often since taking over the territory of which Tanda Tula is a part of. They were found early yesterday morning, shortly after they had killed a lone male buffalo (also known as a Dagga Boy – a Zulu word meaning “mud”). They had not started eating when they were found as they were still panting heavily trying to catch their breath. As strong as these two males lions are, it is not an easy task taking down a Dagga Boy as buffalos are extremely strong and dangerous. Lions are often trampled or stood on, or faced with the enormous horns that these male buffalo carry. As a result many lions lose their lives when hunting buffalo, but in this instance all ended in favour of the lions.

The migrant birds are returning

Many more wonderful things have been seen lately, such as the migrant birds who have returned home for the summer. One such bird that we all wait for is the Woodlands King Fisher. When we hear the very unique call, we are reminded that summer is here. We have also seen numerous cuckoos and swallows who have returned.

Big 5 sightings have been fairly frequent over the past few days, with some guests being treated to all 5 in one drive! We have also seen some very impressive big bull elephants who are following the herds as they move around their home rangers lapping up all the fresh summer vegetation.

Plenty of wild dog sightings

Until next time,

Richard Woodward