Playful Youngsters

Tug of war!

A few days ago we experienced cooler weather and the younger animals decided to make use of these conditions to get up to some mischief.

On one of our game drives we had a wonderful sighting of the Machaton pride cubs all making use of a dead tree and playing ‘king of the castle’.

This was great to watch as we could already see the more dominant youngsters amongst the litter taking charge. During this playful session one cub decided to play tug of war with another cub’s tail, which resulted in them both tumbling off the tree.

Young calf playing

Later in the morning we were lucky enough to find a very relaxed herd of elephants.

The adults were quietly feeding but the young calves were in play mode. The highlight was a very young calf trying to climb onto an older sibling. There was a lot of laughter from our guests as this little male’s antics was really something to watch!

Words and photos by Dale Jackson