Perfect Timing


A question we are often asked by guests of our Safari Camp is, “Are we going to see a kill”.

Now, I can count on my own two hands the amount of times I have seen a successful hunt from start to end. Lion and leopard often miss their intended target due to the prey picking them up before they have had a chance to pounce.

The Unlucky Common Duiker

Yesterday morning, a small common duiker did not pick up on a young male leopard who stalked and launched his attack with perfect timing and stealth. This all took place right in front of Forman’s vehicle with his guests witnessing the entire hunt! They were following the young Xinhope male leopard when he picked up on the duiker, and successfully stalked and caught the small antelope. He quickly suffocated the animal before dragging it to some small scrub for cover and continued to feed on the carcass.

By the time I got there he was resting a short distance from the carcass looking very content. He really is growing into a very special leopard. We hope to show you more of him soon.

Word by Dale Jackson