Overnight Walking Safari Excites Once Again


Olivier Ventura loves Africa. Every trip he has taken has been special, but this, his 7th safari, had to be extra special as he was treating his bride Eve to a belated honeymoon. The couple, who travelled from Paris, wanted their honeymoon to be unusual, exceptional and one which would excite the senses.

Preparing for their overnight walking safari

Olivier wanted a safari that would create memories that would last a lifetime for them, and as he had visited Tanda Tula Safari Camp in 2004, he know that this was the place to achieve exactly that. “I loved the intimate atmosphere of Tanda Tula Safari Camp, as well as the exceptional food and service. Being back again, I have to say it’s gotten even better since my last visit.”

While perusing our website, the Overnight Walking Safari activity caught their attention. The idea of being on foot with their own ranger and tracker for private sightings was very appealing. So was the opportunity to sleep in the Machaton hide, which overlooks a waterhole visited by most game, and experience the sights and sounds of the African bush at night. The couple enjoyed a romantic braai (a BBQ) under the stars, listening to the call of the jackals as they announced the arrival of the hyena at the water hole.

Olivier and Eve with Ranger Forman

When asked to choose the highlight of the two day adventure, the couple couldn’t settle on just one exceptional moment. “While on foot, we came upon 5 white rhinos – 2 little ones, 2 cows and one bull. It was very exciting” said Eve. “So was our close encounter with 2 bull elephants which certainly got our blood pumping. ”

“I’ll never forget when we were having breakfast by the water hole. It was absolutely beautiful! Zebras, impalas, warthogs and baboons all came down to drink. It was such a magical moment and one of so many! The entire experience was superb. The food was amazing, and the attention to detail by the staff is incredible. Everything here is magical!”

Preparing for a romantic evening

The Tanda Tula Overnight Walking Safari experience is designed to offer travellers a very unique experience, providing an opportunity for nature lovers and adventure seekers to experience the beautiful African wildlife on foot and up close, and to sleep under the stars, exactly as the early explorers did. Tanda Tula Safari Camp was the first in the Timbavati to offer this remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experience: the Overnight Walking Safari.

If you are interested in reading more about this experience and to view a few pictures, click here.

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Words by Jacquie Gauthier. Thank you to Olivier Ventura for the photos.