Nomadic Males Strike Machaton Pride Again


Please note: not for sensitive viewers

Last night we were serenaded by lions during most of the night, which unknown to us at the time, spelt certain disaster for one of our local lion prides, the Machatons. To begin this story, we need to go back to a week ago, when two nomadic males entered our traversing area and chased the Machaton pride off a buffalo Kill. Thankfully the Machatons were not harmed during this encounter, but unfortunately this was not the case last night.

The Machaton pride, consisting of three adult females and seven juvenile males, had successfully taken down a young giraffe very close to camp. It appears that while they were feeding, the two nomadic males who had chased the Machatons off the buffalo kill, again stormed in to claim the kill for themselves.

Unfortunately during this encounter, one of the young Machaton males were killed. This is one of the major factors that contributes to mortality in young lion cubs, with 70% never reaching adulthood. The absence of our dominant males has contributed to this, as they have moved south in search of females, allowing these two new males to dominate the area.

The sheer size of these two males make them a formidable force and we will be watching them closely. It is very sad to lose one of the Machaton’s, but unfortunately this is nature’s way of ensuring that the fittest survive.

The Machatons retreated far to the west, and the rest of the pride look to be fine. We will keep you up to date on both the movements of the Machatons, and the presence of these two nomadic males.

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