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Greetings fellow online foodies!

Welcome to the Tanda Tula bush cuisine blog. My name is Chef Ryan and it is my pleasure to share what we do in the Tanda Tula kitchen with all of you at home.

“Fresh and local” is the name of the game and if you have visited us already, you will know what I mean. If not, put us on your travel plans, come on through and see for yourself.

On this page I will be sharing some of our bush recipes, most of which we serve here in camp, and offer some insight into the dining industry. As no recipe is set in stone, I encourage you to stretch your culinary knowledge and mould what you see here to suit your personal taste, budget and local produce.

I hope this page will serve as a platform for you to try, test and maybe even improve on some of my recipes. All the recipes on this page come out of the kitchen and have been served to guests from across the globe.

If you have any questions, or want some tips or ideas, please feel free to contact me on: ryan@tandatula.com

Click on this link to download some of my recipes.

Stay tuned and join me for insight into what African cuisine is all about.

Chef Ryan

View our bush cuisine recipes here

One thought on “Our New Bush Cuisine Blog Page

  1. Thank you so much for providing me with the most tasty and deliciuus meals gluten free during my recent stay at Tanda Tula. Sometimes I have found gluten free food to be bland and very disappointing but your ad venturous and exceptional knowledge of food and the science behinh it made my meals brilliant. Hoping to return in a couple of years so please don’t leave the camp. X

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