More Wonderful Game


The last few days have delivered a few fantastic game viewing opportunities.

We managed to find a new born elephant calf a few days ago who couldn’t have been more than a few days old. He still had part of his umbilical cord attached.

Young Elephant with Herd

He was very unsure on his feet and wobbled about a bit, but mom and the rest of the herd gently helped him along and formed a protective circle around him. The patience which the herd showed was remarkable and something really special to see.

The young Xinophi male is cashing in on all the impala youngsters around. We found him feeding on not one, but two carcasses which he stashed away in the branches of a Marula tree.

Xinophi with an Impala

I managed to get a couple shots of him moving the carcassses around the tree. He is looking fitter than ever and continues to grow in stature.

We also saw a magnificent male lion recently who we are not too familar with. He came out of the west and was seen with the large Ross pride for a few days.

Large Male Lion

He then moved off to the south. He is an impressive looking male and is in the prime of his life. His presence might explain the Machaton pride’s absence for the last few weeks. If he had found them I am sure he would have tried to kill off their cubs as he is not their father and would not have taken kindly to their presence.

Stay tuned to our blog for some more pictures.

Text and photos by Dale Jackson