Mixing it up

I am often approached by guests who ask me how I manage to come up with some of the dishes that I serve on my lunch and dinner menus. Dishes such as my beetroot and blue cheese quiche and my butternut wonton with a green curry sauce are often a huge hit with our guests.

The answer is actually quite simple: mixing – or more accurately – playing with flavours.

You may be thinking, “Okay Ryan, so I take two ingredients, slap them together, mix it, cook it and dada – flavours mixed”. Well, that’s the general idea. The secret though is knowing what sort of flavours complement each other, and which don’t.

Here are a few tips for you to create something new and exciting:

Sweet and sour with traditionally savoury dishes is always a winner. Try:

A Balsamic vinegar reduction with cheese, fish and Carpaccio
Apple syrup with mushrooms, chicken and squash (butternut, pumpkin and sweet potato)

Mixing oriental flavoured sauces with main course dishes gives an interesting twist. Try:

Green curry and coconut sauce with pasta, chicken and beef steaks
Malaysian peanut sauces with fish and vegetarian dishes

The only way to see if your flavour ideas will work or not is to test it. The worst that can happen is it won’t work out, and you‘ll know for the future.

View these pictures for some inspiration.

Until next time,

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