Major Floods in the Timbavati and Surrounding Areas


The rains have continued to pour heavily since Monday which has resulted in flooding not only in the Timbavati, but in many parts across the country.

Here at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, the rains came down hard yesterday and while we were watching the riverbed from our deck in the afternoon, we could see the trickle of the river start to flow from the south, and steadily build up.

Yesterday we had a total of 215 mm and from Monday until this afternoon we have had 372 mm. Over the period of a year we normally average approximately 400mm to 500mm of rainfall, so this is phenomenal!

At the moment the river is in full flood and many of our staff, who have been here for over 30 years, say it is the most water they have ever seen in the river. Looking across the river from our main lounge deck, the river is approximately 150 metres wide. Although we are situated high up on the riverbank, meaning the chances of the river overflowing into camp is very slim, access is a problem as you need to cross through two riverbeds, the Zebenine and the Nharalumi, to get into our safari camp, and these crossing are flooding to approximately 3m to 5m deep!!

The rain is still coming down hard but we are watching it carefully and hope it drops off fairly soon before causing any major damage to any of the camps or the roads in the Timbavati.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it develops. From a very wet Tanda Tula, we wish all our neighbours and those surrounding the Timbavati all the best during the floods.

Here are a few images so far.