Machaton Pride Return with a Bang


Machaton Pride Returns

The Machaton pride returned to Tanda Tula Safari Camp’s traversing area a few days ago, after an absence of nearly two weeks.

The big five animals had been sorely missed, but we assumed they were hunting further to the east of our property.

The entire pride looked fit and healthy with all seven lion cubs in tow – great news!

Yesterday evening they managed to bring down two young giraffe just north of our camp. The pride feasted well and were all very full by this morning.

Injured Hyaena

A large clan of between 10 and 15 hyaena soon gathered close to the kill.

They were not standing back and rushed the lionesses a few times, sometimes getting too close as the lionesses lashed out with their sharp claws causing some damage.

It wasn’t long until the clan of hyaena retreated to a small drainage line to cool off and lick their wounds while the lions finished off the choosiest pieces. The Hyaena looked to have fed on one of the carcasses at some point, as they too looked very fat.

Relaxing after a big meal

Welcome back the Machatons! What an awesome sighting.

Text and photos by Dale Jackson