Machaton Males Pounce on Unsuspecting Steenbok


We recently caught up with the Machaton Pride mom while she had her sights set on a herd of buffalo. She looked good, but we could see that she was in need of a good meal.

The two young males eagerly waiting

It has been a tough few months for this fractured family.  Since the arrival of the two nomadic male lions into the Machaton pride’s area, and with the subsequent attacks which followed, the pride has been split up with two cubs being killed.  The two groups have not managed to reunite as yet, and hope is fading that they ever will.

While the lioness set off to try her luck, her two male cubs lay together waiting in the thicket for a passing opportunity. Suddenly one sprang up and lunged at an unfortunate Steenbok. It was all over before the tiny Steenbok ever knew what hit him.  Unfortunately, the prey was small, and brotherly love only goes so far.  While one cub feasted, the other looked on longingly.  He could only hope that his mother would return with something big enough to share.

Licking his lips

Words and photos by Jacquie Gauthier