Lions walk through Camp!

Lions relaxing in front of camp

I usually wake up fairly early at our safari camp and enjoy the dawn chorus as various bird calls echo throughout the camp. This morning was a little different though, as the bird calls were shattered by the sound of an air horn being blown in tent number 7!

We include these horns in each of our luxury tents to be used in the event of an emergency. I quickly grabbed my rifle and radio, and headed straight for the tent. The horn had not let up for a couple of minutes and I was very concerned it was a serious medical emergency. When I arrived at the tent I was not greeted by a medical emergency, but rather a pride of lions sleeping in the riverbed directly in front of the camp!

The Machaton pride had strolled right past the tent moments earlier and our guests decided to alert the remainder of camp by sounding the alarm. They were obviously very excited by the experience and I was very relieved they were fine and in good spirits.

The lions slowly made their way out of our safari camp and were later found not far, enjoying some peace and quiet!

Words and images by Dale Jackson