Lion versus Hyaena on Kill


We had a fascinating sighting a few days ago, not far from our safari camp, when the Ross pride brought down a large female giraffe. The pride had fed extensively on the carcass by the time we arrived as we could see that they had gorged themselves.

Lions Feeding

Shortly after, the kill attracted a huge number of hyaena who began to gather a short distance from the carcass. As their numbers swelled, so did their confidence.

Waiting Hyaena

An elephant rushed in to have a look at all the commotion which disturbed and distracted the lions. The hyaenas quickly took the chance to rush in and take over the carcass. They fed quickly as the lions backed up a short distance away, observing the large clan of hyaena tearing into their prize.

After a short breather the lions rallied and charged in, successfully chased the large clan of hyaena off to reclaim their carcass. The hyaena did manage to run off with a portion of the leg and continued to feed a short distance away.

Keeping an eye on the Hyaena

Watching these two apex predators going head to head was really something to see, and our guests were left in awe.

Text and photos by Dale Jackson