Let the water flow!


Sehlakabke School

Last week, the children of Sehlakabje School in Acornhoek received an early Christmas present in the form of desperately needed water!

A Spring of Hope, a non-profit public foundation that builds water wells in rural African schools to improve community health conditions, received funding to build a borehole at the school thanks to Tanda Tula Safari Camp, Save the Elephants South Africa and Rotary Fort Lauderdale.

Last week drilling began and once 70 metres was reached the borehole began producing 6,500 litres per hour! This of course created much excitement around the school.

A Spring of Hope, whose mission and goal is to invest in the sustainable futures of impoverished rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, not only provides schools with a source of water, but also focuses on promoting education at grassroots level.

Borehole Success!

Visit www.aspringofhope.org to learn more about this amazing organisation.

Tanda Tula is a proud sponsor of A Spring of Hope.