Leopards, Ellies and Rhino Spoil Our Guests


Last week the Machaton pride successfully made a kill, But again it was short lived as they were again chased off by the two big nomadic males who have been trying to take over the territory of the Machaton Pride of three adult females and 5 sub adult male cubs. When they were chased off by the nomads, the Machaton pride split up to avoid the cubs being killed by the two males. They managed to get away without an incident thankfully, as we have lost two male cubs to them already in the past 2 months.

However one of the male cubs was separated from the pride as a result of the split and for the past week has still not found the pride. We have often heard him calling for them, and have seen him wondering on his own. He is still fairly close to them, and fortunately has some experience and age on his side to keep him going until joining up again with them again. We are confident that he will find them soon.

We are privileged to have Martin Meyer working with us this week, and as a keen photographer he always comes back with interesting photos to share with us.

Guests of our safari camp were very fortunate last week as they witnessed Rockfig Jnr, one of our female leopards, successfully stalk and catch a Common Duiker. Then again on the afternoon drive, the guests were again surprised as Rockfig Jnr had fetched her cub to come and enjoy the spoils with her.

We have also been treated to other exceptional game viewing in and around camp, with large herds of elephant and buffalo utilising our camp dam for their daily drink. We were also fortunate to see our resident male rhino called Katanga Tanga, sleeping in the winter afternoon sun at another dam on the Tanda Tula property.

We will continue to keep you updated with happenings in and around camp. Enjoy these photos taken by Martin Meyer and Richard Woodward.

Word by Richard Woodward