Leopards, Buffalo, Lions and Hyena on one drive!


News from the luxury bush camp Tanda Tula
By Dale Jackson

I managed to get out on game drive last week and was fortunate enough to be spoilt with wonderful sightings around every corner.

Perched up top!

We started off with a fantastic sighting of Rockfig Jnr who had climbed a dead tree to get away from some prowling hyenas.

This was the first animal we saw on our drive and my guests were just blown away at how beautiful she looked perched on her lookout point.

The Machaton pride (our local lion pride) continued to stick around our traversing area and provided a wonderful late afternoon sighting on Tanda Tula’s access road.

The big yawn!

With the sun setting behind us, I managed to get a great shot of a young male in the process of a full yawn.

They then proceeded to wander down the road and even used the road signs to make their way around!!!

Large herds of buffalo have been prevalent throughout our traversing area and are benefiting greatly from the good rains we recently received.

A young bull

The young bull pictured here was a picture of good health and looked fat and happy.

The hyena den still provides some unbelievable sightings and the interaction between young and old is really special to witness.

It will be interesting to see how they fair if the Machaton pride continues to slowly regain their territory. These apex predators are sure to bump heads along the way.

Looking forward to bringing you another update soon!

Tanda Tula Safari Camp is a luxury bush camp in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve on the border of the Kruger National Park.