Leopard and Cubs on Kill

DSCN1419 (1280x960)

The last few days have delivered some wonderful sightings, the highlight being a sighting of a female leopard and her two cubs on an impala carcass.

Formen managed to get some wonderful photos of the female coming down from her perch in a tall marula tree. She is proving to be an incredibly resourceful mother and continues to be one of the most successful leopards in the area! Formen also managed to photograph one of the young cubs finishing off the impala carcass on the ground.

They literally fed on the impala from top to bottom and went through the whole carcass in a day and half. What a great way to welcome in the weekend.

Enjoy the photos.

4 thoughts on “Leopard and Cubs on Kill

  1. Hi there – just wanted to send a very heart felt thank you again to EVERYONE AT Tanda Tula for an amazing week. We were there last week with Brendan and Barry Molk- it was incredible. I was asked by our group to get Ryan’s email and to request a few of the recipes for our post safari party and picture exchange :)
    Thank you again Don and Nina, Haley and Dale , Foreman, Jeffrey, Jack, Ryan, Tabu, Happiness, Scotch, Civilized- and everyone else I am forgetting

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