Important Information

The teams at both Tanda Tula camps take great pride in ensuring all guest’s needs are met, whether they be dining requirements, medical queries, information on malaria or general safety in camp.

As both camps are unfenced and open to the environment, the Tanda Tula staff are trained in handling medical emergencies and have access to a dedicated emergency team with ground and air support.


Tanda Tula has access to 24 hour on-site medical assistance.

A fully trained medical team is available for the treatment of any medical complaint, from minor illnesses and ailments to serious medical conditions and possible injuries. This service is available to all of our guests, as well as the staff at Tanda Tula.


The Tanda Tula camps are located in a low risk Malaria area, yet we recommend that guests take prophylactics.

Please consult your Doctor before travelling.

Important Information - Timbavati, South Africa
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