Hyena Pups Spotted!


As the bush continues to thin out as a result of the winter season,  game viewing continues to improve and over the last week we have been treated to a number of exceptional sightings.

We are privileged here at Tanda Tula Safari Camp to have the abundance of game that we do, especially at this time of year. Large elephant and buffalo herds have visited our camp dam for a drink, leopards have been lazing in trees around camp and we have even been fortunate enough to see the odd honeybadger. There is still one sightings that stands out above all of this.

About a month ago we discovered a new Hyena den not far from camp, and we were waiting in anticipation since then, frequently checking the den site hoping to catch a glimpse of the new born pups. We regularly saw the adults in and around the den, but no pups – until three days ago.

Early one morning we decided to check the den and try our luck. As we approached the den site, I looked from a distance and was extremely excited to see that the pups were lying in the sun next to mom. As we carefully moved closer, being cautious not to disturb their space, we noticed that there were three pups, who very quickly shot into the den as we approached. Ten minutes later, one adventurous male pup came out to play, and did so for the half an hour we spent with them. We were all thrilled to see the pups, and were pleased that our patience had finally paid off!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy. Let us know what you think of these cute pups!

Words and images by Richard Woodward