Hyaena decide to use our dining area for a feast of their own!


PLEASE NOTE: Not for sensitive viewers

When we all woke up this morning, we presumed it would be another normal day where we would set off on game drive and encounter some exciting game fairly close to camp and may even be lucky enough to spot a kill somewhere out in the bush. This morning was certainly no ordinary morning.

When we entered our lounge area as the sun was starting to rise, we stumbled upon a rather unusual sighting – the remains of an impala, right on our lawn! At some point early this morning, a clan of Hyaena hunted and successfully killed a male impala.

Impala killed right in front of our lounge area

The tracks show that the impala tried to escape through our open lounge area, before being taken down on our lawn. We can only assume the Hyaena were startled by something/someone, as the carcass was still mostly in tact when we found it.

If you have ever wondered if we see predators or other dangerous game in our camp, the answer is yes!

This is why all our guests are escorted to their tents by an armed ranger in the evenings.

Another exciting day at Tanda Tula Safari Camp!

Here you can see how close to the lounge it happened