Guests Witness Unsuccessful Lion Hunt


Guests of Tanda Tula Safari Camp had an action packed drive yesterday morning, when the Machaton Pride unsuccessfully tried to hunt down a young buffalo bull. Mr Brian Jones, a Tanda Tula regular, managed to capture a great sequence of photos of a lioness jumping up onto the buffalo bull.

First Contact

The bull managed to throw her off and get away from the pride, but was sporting a few new battle scars.

According to Brian it all happened incredibly quickly with the lioness running in to have a go at the buffalo to only be thrown off, right in front of the vehicle.

The Buffalo Fighting Hard

Lion are not the most successful of our predators. They have a fairly low strike rate as they will miss up to seventy percent of everything they go after.

The pride is looking rather thin and are therefore desperate for a substantial meal. With the large buffalo herds around, I have no doubt they will try and target these herds again.

Still Fighting

We will keep you up to date on their progress. Many thanks to Brian for the use of his images.

Text by Dale Jackson