Flood Damage Report

The rains have subsided, the sun is out and we have begun our damage assessment.

As we are situated high on the river bank we have been fairly fortunate, but our main deck is very unstable and the deck of Tandala Private Camp has been badly affected due to a tree connected to the deck being uprooted and washed downstream. We sadly lost a huge fig tree (estimated to be 100 – 200 years old) which was situated directly alongside our main deck, so we are watching this structure very carefully.

The dam within our safari camp burst its banks and as a result the hide foundation has been completely washed away and is also very unstable. The main issue we have at the moment is access as numerous roads, including the main road into the reserve, have been badly affected with massive ‘dongas’ being created.

The good news is that the wildlife, who disappeared shortly before the floods hit, have returned to camp. The Nyalas, mongooses, monkeys and birdlife have all been seen in and around camp. We also found lion tracks within camp so the big game is also back.

We will keep you up to date with the progress.