Medical Services


Understandably, guests travelling to remote areas such as the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve will think carefully about their exposure to potential emergency situations and our ability to deal with any possible medical eventuality. To this end, Tanda Tula has access to 24 hour on-site medical assistance.

The 24 hour on-site medical assistance means that a fully trained medical team is available for the treatment of any medical complaint, from minor illnesses and ailments to serious medical conditions and possible injuries. This service is available to all of our guests, as well as the staff at Tanda Tula, and has proven to be a valuable asset in assuring the peace of mind of all who visit us.

Through this service we provide the availability of a trained medical team, as well as the necessary training of our own staff, so that most medical events can be handled on-site rather than trying to evacuate a patient in a medical emergency.

To ensure that the best possible care is given, not only is there a highly qualified paramedic on standby to attend to any possible emergency situation on-site, but our medical team also run special training courses for all of the Tanda Tula rangers, trackers and frontline staff. These training courses place a special emphasis on the exceptional first aid needs that are created in a bush situation, merging international best practice in wilderness medicine with the unique needs of the African bush.