Fantastic Cat Sightings


The last few days have delivered some wonderful cat sightings. The two nomadic males have yet again been asserting their dominance over our southern traversing area.

One of the nomadic males

They have been mating with another female from the west – it seems the ladies can’t resist these large young males. We have heard them roaring almost every night, and there is no challenge coming from any other males.

If this continues they will soon assume total control of the area and call Tanda Tula home.

The Rockfig female has been spoiling us with her presence and we have been very fortunate to have had some magnificent moments with her. In this photo she unsuccessfully tried to stalk a herd of impala. It gave me the opportunity to photograph her from the side.

The Rockfig Female

She just has the most gorgeous markings. What a great few days.

Words and photos by Dale Jackson