Ephriam Mathibela

Tanda - Tula Ephriam MathibelaWe are fortunate to have an amazing staff compliment at Tanda Tula who are loyal and always willing to go the extra mile. Ephriam Mathibela is one of these people. Ephriam is a quietly spoken man who lets his work ethic speak for itself. The first to start any job, the last to leave and always willing to lend a hand, he has been a stalwart in the Tanda Tula maintenance and garden team for close on fifteen years.

Last year Ephriam embarked on a quest to become a traditional healer. This is not a chosen profession but rather a calling bestowed on you by your ancestors, a calling which may present itself in dreams or life experiences. If you do not follow the calling you’ll be blessed with bad luck as you would have offended your ancestors.

The process starts by approaching a senior traditional healer who acts as your mentor/teacher. The process can be lengthy, depending how the student takes on the necessary training. This involves learning to use medicinal plants and herbs and administering them to cure various ailments. Ephriam (pictured above) is nearing the end of his training and is dressed in his traditional colours. It is believed that red, black and white garments invoke the power of the ancestors. We have no doubt Ephriam will succeed and would like to wish him luck with the remainder of his training. We will keep you up to date on his progress in the coming months.

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