Environmental Contribution

Tanda Tula Safari Camp has been awarded the Green Leaf Committed 2 Efficiency Award. The Green leaf Environment Standard was established by the Wilderness Foundation of South Africa. Their aim is to measure environmental and social indicators key to sustainability, while inspiring environmental and social change through education, awareness and continual improvement.

Tanda Tula Safari Camp is committed to operating a sustainable camp, ensuring as little impact as possible on the environment. We have a sustainability policy that includes an on-going program of energy efficiency improvements such as changing electrical geysers to heat pumps and solar geysers, converting lighting methods to LED lights, and implementing load balancing techniques to minimise our reliance on electrical power.

We also focus on grey and waste water processing, recycling and re-use of all waste, efficient vehicle fuel management, vehicle impact rehabilitation, erosion site rehabilitation and road maintenance.

Visit the Green Leaf website for more information: http://www.greenleafecostandard.net

Environmental impact:

Recent studies made by the Kruger National Park and surrounding reserves, have shown that game drive vehicles do have a certain amount of impact on the environment and it has therefore been recommended by the Timbavati warden that all lodges in the reserve keep their vehicle numbers to a minimum in order to minimise impact on the environment. In our case at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, we fully support this effort and therefore limit the amount of game drive vehicles used during game drives. In general we will have no more than eight guests on a game drive vehicle when necessary.