Enjoying the Water

With all the water around at the moment, many animals are sticking to dryer ground, particularly the giraffes who are being seen on the dirt roads surrounding our safari camp.

Giraffe heading to dry ground

One animal though, is thoroughly enjoying all the water available at the moment- the Hippo!

Hippo are one of those large animals guest’s love to see, but unfortunately they spend a large portion of the day submerged in water.

Enjoying the wet environment

These massive herbivores will graze through the night and return to the water in the early morning. Every now and then we get lucky and happen to catch one out the water feeding, or just relaxing in the sun.

Very intimidating!

Hippo bulls are very territorial and will fight using their massive teeth and bulk to inflict sometimes fatal injuries on each other. These bulls will also often posture when approached to try and put the opposition off and avoid confrontation.

Shortly before the floods I captured this sequence of videos. Watching this was fairly intimidating!

You do not want to be stuck in those jaws!

Text and images by Dale Jackson