Elephants that go bump in the night


I was enjoying an early evening last night when the distinctive breaking of branches and deep rumbling tones of an elephant feeding close by woke me from my slumber.

I jumped out of bed and went to investigate, ready to set the trouble maker on his way. I walked outside and closed in on Tent No. 10, where I had last heard a soft rustle.

As I started casting my torchlight around I found the massive pachyderm enjoying a tasty tree standing directly in front of me on our new pathway!

The massive bull flared his ears and raised his enormous head upon my arrival. looking very impressive in the bright moonlight. I decided my bed was a far safer bet than having a disagreement with this giant and left him to continue pruning the garden.

By the time morning came, he had enjoyed all camp had to offer and visited most of the staff houses, creating quite a stir. He left massive orange piles of dung on our pathways for the gardeners to clean up, and as you can imagine they did not appreciate his presence!

But wow, what a magnificent animal to have as a late night guest!

Words and image by Dale Jackson