Elephant Tracking Report: April 2012


Save the Elephants South Africa, of which Tanda Tula Safari Camp is a proud sponsor, recently released their April 2012 Elephant Tracking Report. In this report they describe the movements of collared elephants in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, into surrounding reserved in the Greater Kruger National Park region.

View the report and tracking maps below.

Many thanks for Save the Elephants South Africa for providing us with this report. For more information, visit their website at www.savetheelephants.org.

Tracking Animals for Conservation

Elephant Tracking Report No. 11: April 2012

We bring you an update of the movements of 24 collared elephants in the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR), Kruger National Park (KNP) and the Limpopo Transfrontier Park (LTP) in Mozambique.

The positions of six elephants that were collared within the Pafuri – Makuleke Concession of the KNP, indicate that with the exception of Zingi, who is still in Gonarezhou National Park (Zimbabwe), the majority are staying within the northern section of KNP whilst Nwambi has slowly started to make his way north west from within the central section of the LTP.

Mac is enjoying his area of choice in central KNP, only moving a little further south this month. At the time of writing we have noticed that Mac is rapidly moving south for his annual musth cycle! In our next report we will show you how far and wide he has roamed while in musth. Tussle has also stayed within central KNP moving slightly further north towards Shingwedzi. Wessa has been utilising his area of choice between the Letaba and Olifants Rivers. Diney has also been enjoying her area of choice around the Olifants River.

We have a newly collared elephant in the APNR, an adult cow (Charlize) that was collared on the 23rd April in Balule PNR and is already starting to show movements along with Soshangane between Balule and Klaserie PNR’s. We are very grateful to Mr. Song Lin, chairman of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd (Hong Kong), for paying for the collar as well as the entire collaring operation. Irving has stayed in Southern Timbavati, with Summer also moving into the area from the south.

Joan spent the month in the northern section of Klaserie PNR along with Lapajuma. Matambu, Proud and Yvonne have stayed in the Umbabat area. Classic is still in musth and has travelled a across wide area between KNP and Umbabat PNR. Both Umbabat and General moved north heading back towards Umbabat PNR after spending a month in Timbavati PNR. Gower has not moved far in the last month, heading slightly south west from Umbabat PNR into Klaserie PNR.

To help you understand the elephants and their movements the first position of the month is indicated with a diamond and the last position of the month is indicated with an elephant. Cows point to the left and bulls point to the right.

A special word of thanks to the following individuals who have kindly donated collars:
Stefan Breuer — Joubert De Lange — Phyllis Gower — Martin & Sophie Haupt
Charlie Irish — Bruce Jenkins — Andreas Liebenburg — Brian & Claire Makare — Robert Mann
Marlene McCay — Tony McClellan — Barry & Mandy Mence — Chris Pearson
Lonnie Strickland — Irving & Yvonne Tucker — Nelda Villines

We hope you enjoy this latest report.

Save the Elephants – South Africa
Report prepared by Amy Clark
P.O. Box 960 Hoedspruit 1380 Tel: +27 (0)15 7930369

Image 1

Figure 1: Positions of the Elephants in Northern Kruger National Park (Pafuri–Makuleke Concession)

Image 2

Figure 2: Positions of the Elephants in Central Kruger National Park

Image 3

Figure 3: Positions of the Elephants in the APNR

Image 4

Figure 4: Colleen (Green) and Mangala (Red). Colleen and Mangala have both moved closer to the Luvuvhu River, with Colleen moving further north after spending a week near the Luvuvhu River.

Image 5

Figure 5: Nwankwimbi and Agnes. Nwankwimbi hasn’t moved far over the last month staying within the Makuleke Consession, whilst Agnes has stayed south of the Luvuvhu River.

Image 6

Figure 6: Zingi. Zingi continues to move north to south in Gonarezhou NP close to the Malapati Game Reserve Boarder.

Image 7

Figure 7: Nwambi. Nwambi has left the Limpopo Transfrontier Park in Mozambique since our last report and continued to move
north from the Mphongolo River towards Pafuri – Makuleke Consession.

Image 8

Figure 8: Tussle and Mac. Mac has travelled south from his usual area of choice and is now staying close to the Tsende River. Tussle has stayed within central Kruger this month also near the Tsende River only crossing the river and heading east
towards the end of the month.

Image 9

Figure 9: Wessa. Wessa moved east along the Letaba River before heading back south to his area of choice.

Image 10

Figure 10: Matambu (Green) & Diney (Blue). Matambu has come back to the APNR after spending some time in Kruger National Park. As you can see above he spent a couple of days along the Olifants River before heading south to Umbabat PNR.

Image 11

Figure 11: Joan (Purple) & Lapajuma (Pink). Joan has spent most of her time in northern Klaserie not far from the Olifants River only heading to the Phalaborwa Mining Company at the end of the month. Lapajuma crossed paths with Joan a couple of times
this month, but spent the majority of her time within the vicinity of the Klaserie River.

Image 12

Figure 12: Yvonne (Red) & General (Yellow). Yvonne has stayed within the Umbabat PNR this month, crossing paths with General who moved north after spending a month between Klaserie and Timbavati PNR.

Image 13

Figure 13: Proud (Orange), Classic (Red). Both Proud and Classic are still in musth this month. Proud has spent the majority of his time within the Umbabat PNR and Classic has moved south through Klaserie PNR since last month leaving Kruger National
Park and ending the month in Umbabat PNR.

Image 14

Figure 14: Umbabat (Purple) & Gower (Blue). Gower and Umbabat have almost mirrored each others movements this month, with Gower moving southwest into southern Klaserie PNR and Umbabat moving north east into northern Timbavati PNR.

Image 15

Figure 15: Soshangane (Orange) & Charlize (Pink). Soshangane has stayed consistent with his movements between the Olifants River and Klaserie PNR traversing the same areas as our recently collared cow (Charlize) who since being collared on the 23rd April has been
crossing backwards and forwards along the Balule – Klaserie boarder.

Image 16

Figure 16: Irving (Blue) & Summer (Pink). Summer after spending the last two months within the Sabi Sands and Manyeleti PNR’s has made the long journey back to Timbavati PNR. Already crossing the Timbavati River and continuing north. Irving has
continued to spend his time in southern Timbavati, never moving far from the Timbavati River for long.