Elephant Standoff


The last few days have delivered some wonderful elephant sightings. These grey giants have been very spread out across our traversing area and are enjoying the lush green grasses of summer.

The young bull

A bush walk is always an exciting experience. Yesterday morning I took some guests on a short walk around camp and came across a small group of young bulls who were very inquisitive. One young bull in particular approached us to have a closer look.

This youngster watched us from a distance before decided a bit of showmanship was in order. He slowly approached us from across the riverbed, while we were safely positioned on the elevated river bank and watched his approach with interest. He came within 25 meters before I stood up to give him a better look at us. He immediately raised his head and ears and tried to look as intimidating as possible, but we quietly stood our ground.He put in a few determined steps forward, trunk raised and still we stood!

Tanda - Tula Elephant

Showing off and making himself known!

This was too much for him and he turned tail and took off into the riverbed, with a short trumpet and sand flying behind him as he rushed off. He reached the opposite bank and immediately started feeding as if nothing had happened. I think he was slightly embarrassed that he hadn’t been able to chase us off and didn’t want his fellow bachelors to witness his poor attempt.

We slowly departed with a little more adrenaline running through our veins. What a fantastic experience.

Words and photos by Dale Jackson

Our highly trained and experienced ranger and tracker teams know how to handle such situations to ensure safety for all of our guests.