Dwarf Mongoose Spotted on Game Drive

Dwarf Mongoose

While on game drives at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, you will often see small LBJ’s (little brown jobs) scuttling through the bush at a rapid speed. These fascinating little creatures are called Dwarf Mongoose, and are Africa’s smallest carnivores.

Often, during the early morning, they can be seen sunning themselves on the side of termite mounds, soaking up the suns warming rays. They also utilise the abandoned termite mounds to escape attack from predators, and their high pitched alarm calls can often be heard sounding out from their various hiding places.

The dwarf mongoose is a very social animal and can be seen in large clans, although breeding within the group is often dominated by an alpha pair. The clan is often followed by various species of birds such as Forked Tailed Drongo’s and Hornbills, because as the clan forages, they disturb various insects that take to the air and are preyed upon by the birds. The birds in turn, will warn the mongoose of an aerial attack from any raptor species.

This interesting symbiotic relationship is called ‘mutualism’, as both parties benefit from it. There is so much more out there other than the “Big 5”, and we aim to keep enlightening you with the array of unknown wonders that can constantly be discovered and unearthed within the fascinating environment that is the African bushveld.

Dwarf Mongoose on a termite mound

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