Dolly’s handiwork makes it to Hollywood!


Los Angeles fashion stylist Serena Duffin is a modern gypsy, always travelling and seeking things that are beautiful and unusual. Her “finds” are used to adorn models for magazine photo shoots, or create costumes for various films.

During her recent visit to Tanda Tula Safari Camp, she was thrilled when she walked into our curio shop and saw the handiwork of our own reservationist, Dolphin Mathebula. Serena couldn’t resist trying on Dolphin’s beautiful beaded belt, but she was particularly taken with another of Dolly’s pieces – an ornate ivory and grey beaded collar.

Serena models Dolphin’s beaded belt.

“It’s not often you come across a handmade artisan piece like this.” she enthused.  “Dolphin has an innate eye for colour and texture. It’s wonderful to see that ingrained cultural knowledge of colour theory and pattern passed down with such beautiful results!”

The collar has now made its way to Los Angeles with Serena. She’s looking for the perfect opportunity to showcase this piece of wearable art in a magazine or a movie. “I would love to see it worn in an unexpected way that will make Dolphin laugh.”she said.

I asked Dolphin if she will still remember her Tanda Tula family after she becomes a famous jewellery designer.“Remember you? Of course”, she replied. “I’ll see you all every day. Even if I get very famous I will still be based at Tanda Tula. Where else would I want to be?”

Serena will be writing about her visit to Tanda Tula on her blog at

Tanda- Tula Dolly

Dolphin wearing her soon-to-be-famous collar

Word and photos by Jacquie Gauthier