Digging for Dinner

Machaton pride

The Machaton pride managed to finish off their huge buffalo kill over the weekend. The kill provided us with hours of prime game viewing as the pride worked through the massive carcass. They have been incredibly successful over the last couple months, and have managed to bring down a number of large prey items. Lions are also very opportunistic and will readily scavenge from other predators or accept an easy meal when presented. Recently, this particular pride stumbled upon a warthog down it’s nightly burrow and proceeded to dig it up! With all her experience, the old lioness instigated the attack on the unlucky pig. She started by widening the burrow with her paws and scraping out an area large enough to allow her access to the warthog.

Pride stumble upon a warthog

Most of the time all we could see was her backside or a cloud of dust and soil went flying in all directions. Eventually, once the hole was large enough, she managed to grab the warthog by the snout. The poor animal screamed for all it was worth, and dug down deeper into the burrow. This continual tug of war tired the old lioness out, and she eventually removed herself from the depths of the burrow to rest nearby. Eventually, the warthog succumbed to its injuries, but the lions weren’t able to get the warthog out of the burrow, which appeared to have collapsed, with the warthog stuck inside. The cubs fed on what they could, and when they were done, moved off to secure another meal.

Tug of war

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