A different kind of wakeup call!

A very quick breakfast

There was a lot of excitement around camp this morning when a large pack of wild dog almost ran into our parking lot!

The game drives managed to view them for quite sometime before they crossed the river just below camp. We had heard all the excited chatter on the radio in our house and decided to walk up to the lodge to take a look.

We had just gone outside when we heard a loud shriek from a duiker in distress. The dogs had tackled this small antelope near tent six in the riverbed! I grabbed my camera and went down to see if we could get a view from the deck. What a view it was, close to thirty wild dog running in and out of the riverbed and feeding on the duiker.

The dogs are highly efficient and dispatched the small antelope very quickly and were already feeding excitedly on the carcass. I managed to get a view photo’s from a distance and even managed to get Hayley into the shot to give a bit of perspective.

The dogs only took twenty minutes to finish off their small meal but all the excited chatter had brought in a lone hyena.

The hyena didn’t stand a chance against thirty dogs and it only took one dog to chase it off! What a great sighting from the comfort of a tent deck and all before seven O’clock in the morning!

Words and images by Dale Jackson

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