Christmas comes early with exceptional game viewing


At Tanda Tula Safari Camp we have received a few early Christmas presents in the form of some fantastic sightings!

Stopping for a drink

Firstly, the young Xinophi male leopard managed to kill a young impala which he later dragged up a Marula tree. We were very pleased to see this as he was in desperate need of a good meal (he has been looking very skinny of late).

Over the following days, guests of our safari camp witnessed incredible sightings of him as he fed in the safety of the tree, while often having to fight off prowling hyaenas below.

Striking a pose!

I managed to find him late one evening enjoying a refreshing drink. Shortly after, he struck a wonderful pose on a large termite mound close by. What a stunner!

The second present came in the form of a fantastic wild dog sighting. The pack had just brought down a young impala and were in the process of finishing it off when we arrived.

Shortly after the kill

Always a treat to see the wild dog

The setting was the real highlight as it was early morning and we were in the middle of a steep dry river crossing. The dogs were running around the vehicle at eye level and we managed to snap off a few special shots of them in their usual playfulness. It is always a treat spending time with these rare predators.

Text and photos by Dale Jackson