Chef Ryan’s Helpers: Meet the team!


Greetings to all the Tanda Tula foodies!

Whenever I am out serving lunches and dinners, people always ask me how I manage to prepare all these meals all the time, and to such a high standard.

The simple answer: My team behind the scenes in the kitchen!

There is a saying that goes, “An executive chef is only as good as the kitchen team that supports him”. Here at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, I am extremely lucky to have a small team of dedicated chefs who help me maintain the quality and general routines within the kitchen.

First off, there is Dave Mathebula, my right hand man. Dave is my head chef who takes control of things when I am not around.

Then we have Bishop Makhubela and Maggy Mbambo, my general chefs.  They help me with all the preparation for dinners and breakfasts.

Lastly, there is Girly Mathebula and Joe Chauke.  They take care of all my lunch time preparation.

The passion and dedication of the entire team is nothing short of exceptional, and it is an absolute pleasure to be cooking alongside them each day.

So that is the secret of Tanda Tula’s culinary success – a well trained, reliable and passionate team.

So, if you are planning on visiting our safari camp in the near future, ask to meet the people who help me create magic at Tanda Tula!

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