Buffalo Kill in Camp!

This morning, guests of Tanda Tula Safari Camp were woken a wee bit earlier than usual, by the sounds of the Machaton lion pride tackling a huge buffalo bull, between Tent No.1 and Foreman’s house (one of our experienced rangers)!!

The commotion started at approximately 4am, when the lions hunted a small group of buffalo bulls straight through our safari camp, and successfully managed to bring down the colossal 800 kilogram animal right next to Foreman’s house.

Buffalo kill in camp!

The audio of a kill this size is truly spectacular, and can be characterised by the sounds of lions growling and snarling with the buffalo bellowing and fighting for his life. This was all extremely exciting, on what seemed like a normal winter morning at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, The lions managed to kill the buffalo just after 5 O’clock, and the cubs started feeding immediately, wasting no time in getting stuck into the kill.

We wake each of our guests up in the morning with hot tea and coffee, and today we were greeted by wide eyes and plenty of questions, as everyone was wide awake from the piercing noises of the kill. It all made for a very special sighting as all our guest’s managed to get a fantastic view of the lions feeding.

Cubs attacking a rake

After a while, the cubs inquisitive side took over and they couldn’t help but go and inspect Foreman’s gardening tools. In the one photo you can see them mauling his rake! We eventually had to drag the carcass out of camp as it was just too close to the staff quarters.

What a fantastic way to start the day!

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