Boomslang, Puffadder and Snouted Cobra Visit Camp!


One of the highlights of last week was when we invited Donald Strydom from the reptile centre outside of Hoedspruit, to come a do a snake presentation for our guests and offer them some insight into these special reptiles.

It was extremely interesting for the guests and staff alike as it is not often that you get to see these reptiles up close. Donald is an expert in his field and goes into great detail about snakes and other reptiles. The guests were able to interact and hold or touch the snakes during the presentation, making for a lot of laughter and nervousness.

Snakes are often perceived in the wrong way but with education and presentations such as this, we can help change how people view snakes and other reptiles. We aim to show that they are not so bad but should still be left alone and treated with extreme care.

It is also extremely important that the staff here at Tanda Tula Safari Camp are also educated about the danger of snakes should there be a snake in the camp or in one of our houses.

Donald brought some really interesting and beautiful snakes with him such as the ‘Boomslang’, ‘Puffadder’ and the amazingly beautiful Snouted Cobra. He also brought a Boa Constrictor which all the guests got to hold and handle themselves.

All in all the presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by all the guests.  View some of the pics below.

Words and images by Richard Woodward