World Rhino Day

World Rhino day was founded in 2010 by WWF South Africa in order to pay tribute to this threatened species. It may have come to your attention that as a rule we very seldom post pictures or write about rhinos, as we are hugely sensitive to the immense poaching threats these animals are under (so as to avoid any images that could be traced with a location or date).

However, as the 22rd of September is World Rhino Day we wanted to pay homage to these animals by acknowledging them formally on our website and reminding our readers how vulnerable this species is and to help create an awareness around these magnificent creatures. Events take place across the globe, all helping to contribute to the awareness of the plight of the African as well as Asian rhinos. So, please, take a moment today to remember not only the rhinos who are under such huge threat, but also their caretakers and guardians who are out there fighting a war very day of their lives.

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