Wild Dogs Just Passing Through

Over the last few weeks we have seen a pack of three wild dogs with six pups moving on and off the Tanda Tula property, and the surrounding areas that we traverse on. They arrive in from the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and then move off, to return a few days later.

It is always so exciting to have these incredible “painted dogs” around. With six small but hungry mouths to feed, hunting takes place twice a day and the adults will not stop until they are successful. This means there is great game viewing taking place in the Timbavati right now.

The pack lost one of the youngsters to a martial eagle when it was very young - an unusual predator for these vulnerable animals, albeit a fatal one. Since then the remaining pups have grown from strength to strength and are always entertaining to watch as they tease and torment one another.

We hope they remain in the area a bit longer before moving on to find a new unexplored region, as they naturally always do.

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